Leona Mechanics Preview

RIOT recently released some notes on how Leona is going to play and she seems to be able to do a little bit of everything. She has some short CC, a way to initiate, and her passive increases the damage your team does. I'm am really excited about her ult because it seems like it does decent damage while also CCing to some degree but I feel like we don't have enough details to be able to make a judgement on it.  This new tank looks likes shes going to be really good but I've gotten my hopes up for other tanks only to be extremely disappointed so I'm trying not to get too hyped.

Orianna Released

    Orianna was released today with no accompanying patch. Her skills seem very unique and will open up a new play style for players. Riot lists her difficulty at hard which seems about right. All her skill shots make her seem high risk/reward. Haven't seen her in too many games yet and haven't had a chance to lane against her but will hopefully have a champion review posted soon once I have more experience with her.  Also, her skins look awesome! Good job Riot.

About me

    For a long time I've been thinking of starting a League of Legends website. I kept thinking eventually I will get bored of the game so why start a website when you'll just quit in a couple months. Well the team at Riot has brought this game a long way and really turned it into one of the best free games available today. So I finally caved and decided to put in the work.
    I am certainly not a top level player but think this site will be able to help average players even if its just learning from my mistakes. I try to play a variety of champions, builds and roles so the content should cover many topics. My ranked stats are fairly average because I haven't put as much time into ranked as I should be but will hopefully be doing much more in the near future. I'm also currently trying to recruit some friends to help with content for the site as well to get some different perspectives. I have just gotten my Live Stream up and running and will be posting notable games on there ASAP.